“Sweet Revenge”
Writer: Timothy Truman
Artists: Timothy Truman & Ricardo Villagran

Redwire has Scout’s young sons hostage. There is nothing Scout can do but surrender. Now Redwire decides to fight Scout with his implanted blades in his hands. Scout gives a good accounting for himself using just his bare hands. Redwire decides to end the fight and draws his pistol. His son Victor uses his psychic ability to basically blow up Redwire’s head and save his father. The boys are reunited but it looks like a short lived happy reunion. Rosa Winters uses the opportunity to get back into her leadership position and she doesn’t look like she wants the let Scout go in peace.

“On the Prod”
Writer: Beau Smith
Artist: Todd Fox

La Duke comes in on his motorcycle guns blazing. He frees Rita and the two start to shoot up Atuma’s pirates. Still numbers are not in their favor so they set off some grenades and blow up the weapons so Atuma and Redwire can’t use them. The ending finds the two in a bar. Rita didn’t get any bounty money. La Duke didn’t get the guns for Scout. Rita suggests that they grab a six pack and see how much romancing they can get. So the day isn’t a total loss after all.

So Scout gets his final confrontation with Redwire. Once again we get to see the power that Victor his youngest son has. Rosa is now back in charge and we are left with a what next? A short story but effective and we are coming to the end of Scout’s epic story.

The La Duke story was also a fun one. Plenty of action and wisecracking from the good ole boy from West Virginia. He also gets the girl at the end so very satisfying ending.

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