“Starlord First House: Earth!”
Writer: Steve Englehart
Artist: Steve Gan

Young Peter Quill is growing up with his mother in the rural Western US. One day aliens land and murder his mother. The local authorities don’t believe his story of aliens and he ends up in an orphanage. There he makes it his goal in life to seek revenge against the aliens. So he joins the space program and exceeds in astronaut training. But his attitude doesn’t win over any friends. So in this future 1990 the US has a working space station in orbit named Eve. While there an apparition appears claiming to be a Starlord. He invites the Earth to send it’s best representative to become a Starlord.

This is the chance Quill has been waiting for. But the authorities have someone else in mind and Quill gets fired when he acts out. Not to be stopped he hijacks a shuttle and shoots his way onto the station. He manages to get to the right place and taken by the alien force. He finds himself taken to the Sun. There in a golden palace he meets an old man on a throne. He is the Master of the Sun. He gives Quill the power of the Starlord. Then he sends him to find the aliens that killed his mother.

“Introduction: The Sword in the Star”
By Bill Mantlo & Edward S. Barkin

An article that introduces the next story. It is based on the old epic classics. It goes on too much and seemed filler that wasn’t really needed.

“The Sword in the Star!”
Writer: Bill Mantlo
Artists: Ed Hannigan, Craig Russell & Rick Bryant

On the world of Ithacons a great battle is being fought. A dying king orders his son to leave with a wizard named Delphos. He reluctantly abandons his father just before the Hammin arrive and destroy the army. Wayfarer the son is taken by Delphos to a secret underground chamber. There he is attached to the learning machine. He learns the history of humanity. How they fled Earth and established many civilizations. Now the advanced Hammin are coming and he must search for the Sword in the Star to save the galaxy. He escapes in the ship Starseed as the Hammin find the cavern and kill Delphos who was ten thousand years old.

So this is the first Starlord story. This Starlord is a lot different from the Chris Pratt character. For one he is way more serious and actually an unlikable character. Obsessed with revenge he finally gets it. Or does he? Was is an illusion by the Master of the Sun. Just to get it out of Peter Quills system. His powers are also mystic in origin or maybe so advanced as to appear mystic. Starlord appeared in a number of the Marvel Previews and some other anthology series. Never catching on although now thanks to the movies its quite popular. I do enjoy this gritty version.

The back up story was also and interesting read and looked like it was to be a possible series. It had an epic feel to it. I don’t know if it continued on in some other form but this is the only appearance I know of for Wayfarer and his quest. It had potential but this story was just Ok.


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