“The Ties That Bind!”
Writer & Artist: Unknown

Ka-zar and Shanna are flying on a skite back to the mainland. They seem happy and genuinely in love. While up in the air they see Zabu swimming in the sea in search of Ka-zar. He jumps in and plays around with his friend. A saurian attacks them but they manage to make it to shore. Later at night Ka-zar tells a story from his past. How he first met Zabu and formed an unbreakable bond. One day Zabu was off and Ka-zar was worried. While looking for him he runs into his friend Tongah. Tongah tells of an attack by a large sabertooth.

Ka-zar decides to track down this dangerous cat. With Tongah and the man who survived the attack they head out. Later the man develops rabies and has to be killed. They now know that the sabretooth has rabies and Ka-zar fears it could be Zabu. The cat attacks Tongah and later attacks a T-rex and gets eaten. Tongah knows he is infected so with Ka-zar’s help prepares his funeral rites. He then kills himself and Ka-zar sets the funeral pyre. When he gets back to Tongah’s village he finds that they have captured Zabu so the infected cat was another sabretooth.

A sort of intermission in the Ka-zar sage. Shanna and Ka-zar have reconciled. Ka-zar no longer seems so unsure of himself and has gotten over Leanne. We get a nice recap of Zabu’s origin. The surprising development is finding out good old Tongah has died. I liked him and it was a sad and bittersweet story. The writer who was once again not credited in this issue but probably Bruce Jones is not afraid to kill off popular characters. A nice little story that shows this series is going in a whole new direction from the series before it.

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