“Dragon of Ice”
Writer & Artist: Mike Grell

Aton has finished searching the southern coast and has come to inform Tara of what has happened. She decides to go with Aton to search for Morgan in the Land of Shadow. Meanwhile Morgan and Shakira come upon a village on the coast. A poor place of mud huts. At the moment the villagers are about to sacrifice a young woman on a stone alter. Ignoring Shakira’s advice Morgan goes down to rescue her. He manages to chop up the villagers but didn’t count on the sacrificial victim turning on him. Hit in the head he finds himself now tied to the alter and the young woman is going to sacrifice him.

Luckily for him Shakira manages to grab his pistol and shoot up a bunch of villagers. Before they can leave the Ice Dragon comes. It turns out to be a Viking ship whose crew died and now drifts into shore on the tide. So generation were sacrificed to appease this monster. The ending finds Jennifer at castle Deimos. She feels something evil watching her.

“Arak Son of Thunder”
Writer: Roy Thomas
Artist: Ernie Colon

A native American comes on to shore. He is searching for amber in this medieval land. He comes upon a ruined temple and a beautiful woman bathing. After a misunderstanding that forces Arak to kill her two dogs they are attacked by Vikings. Arak is knocked unconscious. He awakens and tracks the Vikings to a pit filled with amber. The woman is lowered into the pit where a large amber statue comes alive. Arak fights his way through the Vikings and attacks the monster. He is saved at the last moment by the woman who controls the monster. The Vikings flee and the woman after binding Arak’s wounds heads off with a cryptic message that they will meet again in the City of the Golden Horn.

“The Curse of the Claw”
Writer: Jack C. Harris
Artist: Tom Yeates

A man is lying on a battlefield the sole survivor. He has cut off the claw on his hand. But the claw magically reattached itself. The man Valcan curses the Lords of Light. An emissary of the Light comes and chastises him for being such a whiner. His ancestor dabbled in dark magic and its only fair his descendants suffer the curse. So he’s told to man up and don the helmet and sword and fight evil. He rides on a bridge of light to the city of Ichar. There humans are fighting a horde of demons. Claw joins the fight when a horn sounds. A demon on the hill has sounded it. He has a human hand. Claw knows its his destiny to fight this demon.

Well where to begin. The Warlord story was a fun one. Tara is joining the search. Jennifer is now at castle Deimos with a dark entity. Wonder who that is? And Morgan is still playing hero. Once again he gets into something that didn’t turn out as planned. Grell has a way of showing that looks can be deceiving. The beautiful girl is actually a fanatic who wanted to be sacrificed. Luckily Shakira was there and shows that she knows how to handle a pistol. A good solid story.

The Arak story was a free insert to promote a new comic. A new sword & sorcery tale with a Native American who was the last of his tribe living with Vikings in medieval Europe. Such a fascinating concept. This preview worked on me at least. I bought the first issue of Arak and later collected its entire run. Someday they will be reviewed on this blog.

Claw the Unconquered is the new back-up feature for this title. A title that was short lived gets a second chance in Warlord. It was a great fit for the title. A man with a demon claw as a hand. A mystical world with light and dark at constant war. A cliffhanger with the demon that has Claw’s hand.

So this issue is responsible for me collecting two new titles. The new Arak and the old short lived Claw series. Both were great sword and sorcery ideas. This issue did a great job in inspiring me to check out these comics.

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