“Pit of Beasts”
Writers: Justin Gray & Jimmy Palmiotti
Artist: Khari Evans

Last issue we left the pirates in an arena facing two sabretooth tigers. Shanna has jumped in with a club to save them. The club gets knocked out of her hands but that’s ok. She uses her hands to break one of the cats neck. Then tears off the others sabre tooth and stabs him to death. Obviously Shanna is one strong woman. So they are facing the angry neanderthals when a warning horn is sounded. The city is under attack by pterodactyls and raptors. While the neanderthals are busy Shanna leads the survivors to the rooftops. While there they run into the Axe-man and his surviving crew.

Once again another warp speed story. Shanna once again shows she is one major bad-ass. There is some compassion when she saves a baby neanderthal from a pterodactyl. It ends with the appropriate cliffhanger. This issue was mainly wall to wall action and little plot. But that’s ok. I mean this is a comic book about a scantily clad woman on an island with dinosaurs, Hong Kong gangsters and Nazis neanderthals. Any plot is kind of a bonus for a title like this.

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