“When The Sea Gives Up Its Dead!”
Writer: Bruce Jones
Artist: Brent Anderson

Ka-zar is searching for Shanna over a Pangean sea during a storm. He comes upon an island and his skite barely makes it there. Luckily he finds Shanna on the beach being attacked by a saurian. He wonders about her since she just screams and doesn’t fight back which is unlike her. Ka-zar has no problem taking out the creature. He then finds out that Shanna is suffering from amnesia. In reality she is Leanne in Shanna’s body. She was saved from the fall back in issue #2 by her lover Sep. Sep took her to this island where he found an advanced laboratory. He later finds Shanna unconscious on the beach. Using the strange machine he transfers Leanne’s brain from her comatose body into Shanna.

Now Leanne likes being in Shanna’s body. Its strong and she can hook up with Ka-zar. So she devises a plan that will have Ka-zar get rid of her old lover Sep. Ka-zar isn’t one to murder casually and finds out from Sep of Leanne’s deception. He has him transfer Shanna back. Then the two leave Sep with his comatose love on the deserted island.

So Ka-zar finds Shanna. It seems finally he has gotten over his moopy love for Leanne. Leanne shows herself to be totally conniving and amoral. I think Ka-zar finally got his head back on straight. So that’s basically the main point of this story. Not a bad one but getting better. We also get a hint that Pangea has some connection to Atlantis and has advanced technology lying around. Something that will be explored down the road.

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