“Hunter’s Moon”
Writer & Artist: Mike Grell

Morgan and Shakira have crossed the terminator into where the land is dark. They are surprised by the sight of a moon in the sky. It seems that Skartaris has a small moon that orbits the inner world. Morgan decides to go hunting in the moonlight. While out he comes upon a man fighting off a horde of savages by himself. Morgan intervenes and saves him. The man is Mikola Rostov a Russian from the surface world. He heard about Skartaris from Professor Lakely and has come in search of Mariah who he had a relationship with.

Morgan and Rostov exchange their stories and later on are ambushed by the savages. They are tied to a post for the savages dinner later on. Just then the moon comes out and Rostov changes into a werewolf. He kills the savages and luckily the moon goes behind some clouds. We find out that he suffers from Lycanthropy and was hoping a world with eternal sunlight would free him from his curse. But there is a moon and he must flee as he feels the change coming on.

“The Marseilles Connection”
Writers: Dan Mishkin & Gary Cohn
Artists: Greg LaRouche & Vince Colletta

Omac and the smugglers arrive at Marseille and find it under attack by a giant blob. Because they were late with the shipment a mad scientist Dr. Lazarus has unleashed this blob. The corporation Armitron blames the smugglers for this because they were late. So Omac decides to stop this creature. Luckily the gauntlet he has on is a weapon that produces a destructive charge from the bodies energy. Omac can have Brother Eye channel a lot of energy through him. He manages to destroy the blob. Unfortunately this weakens him and Armitron is still angry at the smugglers. So they get in their ship and leave. Meanwhile Dr. Z the alien who can predict the future has decided that Omac is not the one to unite the world. That will come after the disaster so he must speed it up. He kills Wiley Quixote at the end.

Well a surprise that there is a moon in Skartaris. This of course gives Grell a chance to write another werewolf story. This also introduces a new character in Mikola Rostov. A fellow from the surface world he is indeed a fascinating character. There is more to learn about him and later on we will get such an opportunity.

This is also the last Omac story. I admit that original I didn’t care for the character but time and multiple reading have made him grow on me. This story was kind of rushed. There was a Dr. Lazarus who was briefly introduced and killed. Omac and his new found smuggler friends are forced to flee for their lives. Finally Dr. Z who hasn’t been much of a part of the story kills a main character and hints at hastening the coming disaster. So they ended it with a lot of loose threads hanging out there. Not really sure if the story continued in some other title. Reading Kamandi it would seem that Omac failed in preventing the disaster.

So we are left with Omac’s story unfinished. Good news is that the backup stories for this title get a lot better.


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