Writers: Beau Smith & Timothy Truman
Artist: Todd Fox

Beau La Duke is wandering the frozen countryside of Canada. Having successfully destroyed the train his squad was later ambushed and found dead. La Duke is then set upon by the Canadian ninjas that killed his men. He gives a good accounting of himself but succumbs to numbers. He finds himself tied upside down the prisoner of Hardin the man who was hired by the Canadian government to supply Redwire. He is converting old farm equipment like threshers into tanks. La Duke manages to escape and cause havoc. Hardin foolishly blames the head ninja mercenary Tremayne for his escape. This hurts his feelings and Tremayne then voids his contract and turns on Hardin. It ends with La Duke and Tremayne friends and Hardin left tied up hanging from his tank waiting for the below freezing night.

Oh yeah. I love Beau La Duke. This is a real man. He’s so cool even his hat stays on while he’s hanging upside down. This is a guy who takes crap from no one and just keeps going. I also love the Canadian tanks. They look cool but probably aren’t very effective as tanks. But they are probably cheap and have a high profit margin. La Duke will be featured in the back-up stories for the last three issues of this series so there is something to forward to. You could probably give this character his own strip. I’d buy it.

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