“Run Rabbit Run”
Writers: Justin Gray & Jimmy Palmiotti
Artist: Khari Evans

Shanna is leading Dirk and his pirates through the jungle. They hope to sneak around The Axe-Man and his army of thugs. Then steal his plane and leave the island. Well things don’t go quite as planned. They get sidetracked by a horde of dinosaurs. Then they run into the Axe-man but the dinosaurs chasing them distract him enough so they can escape. The group then goes into a cave to seek shelter. Well what do you know? They find a lost Nazis city of gold. They don’t have time to admire it because it is filled with cannibalistic neanderthals. The neanderthals overwhelm them. Shanna and another girl manage to escape. One unlucky fellow gets eaten by the neanderthals. The other men find themselves in an arena and sabretooth tigers are unleashed. It ends with Shanna jumping in to the rescue with a giant club.

And so the story continues. We have dinosaurs. A bloodthirsty Chinese gangster out to kill them all except Shanna who he wants to make his love slave. Well the guy has good taste. And of course a Nazis city of gold inhabited by cannibalistic neanderthals. The story is beautifully drawn and moves along at a lightning pace. The cliffhanger ending is more than enough to draw the reader back for more.

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