“To Forgive Dephine!”
Writer: Bruce Jones
Artist: Brent Anderson

The Aerians are celebrating their victory over the Pteron. They first play a game that’s like tennis but played above the trees. While playing Ka-zar and Shanna get into an argument. Ka-zar wants to go off on vacation alone and Shanna is still angry at him for loving Leanne. Ka-zar later fights a braggart named Buth and kicks his ass. This gets the attention of Dephine who was Buth’s girlfriend. She now falls in love with Ka-zar. Well there is a lot of arguments and sharing of feelings. Ka-zar and Shanna seem to reconcile. Dephine decides she doesn’t like that so she gives Shanna a skite that is in heat. The skites are giant bat creature that can be ridden. So the skite flies off to where it was born with Shanna strapped on.

Meanwhile the big war games the Aerians are playing get complicated. An attempt to overthrow the leader Typ results in Typ being assassinated. Ka-zar learns what happened to Shanna and that the skite’s home was an island that recently sank. The skite will circle until it falls into the sea taking Shanna with her. So Ka-zar goes out to rescue her in a violent storm.

Wow is this one big soap opera. This issue isn’t really one of my favorites. A lot of talky feely things going on. Ka-zar still is confused on his feelings and just seems to be so wimpy. He’s still tough enough to kick butt but its still sad to see him so unsure of himself. So there is stuff going on. The Aerian leader is assassinated. Shanna is missing and Ka-zar might join her in the drink. As I said this series starts off slow but picks up steam later on.


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