Writer & Artist: Mike Grell

Morgan, Aton and Shakira arrive at the wreck of Jennifer’s boat. Morgan makes the decision to split up with Aton searching the shore south while Morgan and Shakira head north. Along the way they are attacked by a dinosaur. Morgan shoots it with his .44 magnum and kills it but not before it crashes into them. When Morgan awakes he finds the hot chic in a gold bikini who is Death standing over him. She has come for Shakira who died in the attack. Morgan follows the two as they enter Hell. There Morgan has to fight his old enemies Shebal, Stryker and Chakal. He eventually makes a deal with Death. Ten years of his life in exchange for her soul. After rescuing Shakira he then wakes up where he started. Shakira is alive and he has scratches on his chest that form the Roman numeral ten. Epilogue has Jennifer entering Castle Deimos.

“The Black Market”
Writer & Artist: Unknown.

Brother Eye tracks the woman Mariela for Omac. She is with some black marketeers in a warehouse. Omac jumps in and starts to beat up the men. Mariela intervenes with a large rifle pointed at Omac. She is in charge of the black marketeers and does not need rescuing. Omac finds out that the corporation secretly use the black market to obtain supplies from rival corporations. Omac sees that by taking down the black market he could force the corporations to sue for peace. He therefore joins Mariela’s operation. It ends with Omac foolishly trying on one of the devices they are transporting and it grafts itself to Omac’s wrist.

So the hot chick known as Death once again makes her appearance. This time Morgan follows to Hell and rescues Shakira. He meets all his old enemies he sent there except Deimos. That and the epilogue is a none to subtle foreshadowing of whats to come. Interesting that Shakira is slated to go to Hell. You wonder what she did to earn that. It all ends with it maybe being a dream or not. A nice little story that shows that Morgan has developed a strong friendship with Shakira. Enough to go to Hell and bargain away ten years of his life. A side note it looks like this cover was supposed to go with last issues and vise-versa.

The Omac story was also interesting. Mariela who Omac is clearly developing a romantic interest in is the leader of a black market gang. The black market has the potential to stop the corporate wars and is a new plot point that has developed. While the whole corporate war thing is really not economically viable it still makes for a good story. Omac has been getting quite interesting.


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