“Watch The North Wind Rise”
Writer: Timothy Truman
Artist: Ricardo Villagran

The North Wind is a supersonic train. It is carrying oil from the Yukon to supply Redwire’s army. Scout, La Duke and Rosa are there to stop it. They raid a switching station with an army of Indians. The station is guarded by a tank, a pillbox and some ninjas. They are lead by a cowboy named Tremayne. Scout and his guys manage to destroy the switching station and stop the oil. It ends with an alliance with Rosa to stop Redwire.

So Scout and Rosa are now reluctant allies which makes sense. A nice change of scenery from the deserts of the Southwest. This had a lot of action and ninjas. It was also cool to have La Duke back. He is funny and it ends with the next story going to highlight him. Scout reluctantly trusts Rosa so it should be interesting to see how this alliance works out.

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