“Pirates, Gangsters and Sea Monsters”
Writers: Justin Gray & Jimmy Palmiotti
Artist: Khari Evans

The South Pacific. A high-tech gang of pirates rob an ocean luxury liner. The liner is property of a Chinese gangster Teddy “The Axe-man” Xiang. As they are leaving the ocean liner is pulled under by a giant leviathan. The large wave damages the ship and forces them to land on a small island. This is monster island and no sooner than they land are they surrounded by a horde of raptors. Just as they are about to be overrun, Shanna comes to the rescue. With her twin machetes she chops up the raptors. Then she takes the crew back to her treehouse. A few days later a plane carrying The Axe-man lands. He is looking for the thieves who robbed his ship and revenge for his brother lost on the ship.

The second Shanna series gets a new writing and artist team. It starts off to a promising start. Shanna and Doc have built a nice treehouse for themselves. Shanna is still one badass sexy chic in a furkini. We have pirates, Hong Kong gangsters, dinosaurs, sea monsters and giant bees. It has the feel of an old Godzilla monster movie. Actually the opening reminds me of the movie Deep Rising. I wonder if that was the inspiration. Anyway this is a great start to the series and look forward to the next issue.

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