“To Air is Human!”
Writer: Bruce Jones
Artist: Brent Anderson

Ka-zar is sulking after losing Leanne. While looking for a way out of the valley he spots a figure climbing down. It is Shanna and he tries to help her down but the rope breaks and they slam against the cliff. Ka-zar wakes up to a bird-man. He is in the Aerie of Shalahn. Lord Typ and his bird-men rescued him and Shanna. They then need help in rescuing Leanne who’s people are an ally. The Pteron are a pterodactyl type people and responsible for the abduction. Ka-zar is at first reluctant to help but decides he has to.

So the Shalahn have stolen a device that will collapse the Pteron caverns. Ka-zar and Shanna will infiltrate the caverns and rescue Leanne. When Ka-zar goes to rescue Leanne he finds out that she is there voluntarily. She ran away with a Shalahn traitor and is now her lover. Well Shanna overhears that they had a thing so she’s upset and Ka-zar is upset. There is a battle and both Leanne and Shanna end up hanging from a cliff. Ka-zar can only save one and chooses Shanna. Leanne seems to fall to her death and the Pteron are defeated.

So this is one melodramatic soap opera. Ka-zar is pining away like a heartbroken kid over Leanne. Shanna confesses her love for Ka-zar when they are falling. Leanne found another lover rather quick I might add. Add to this some bird-men and pterodactyl-men and you have a fun adventure. I will say that Ka-zar is becoming a real pussy. He was so cool around women before but now he’s just a pussy. Always moping and whining. He does make the right decision to save Shanna. I still don’t get what he sees in Leanne. Still Ka-zar eventually finds his balls as we continue the saga.


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