“Let’s Have a Party”
Writer & Artist: Timothy Truman

Scout takes his sons to a carnival. The carnival is Dr. Portugal’s Carnival of Delights. The delights are mutations that he has created. Scout notices that Rosa Winters is also in attendance at this carnival. Both his psychic friend Walker and son Tahzey are getting bad vibes. Before they can leave the mutations produce guns and start taking out Rosa’s guards. Redwire has started his coup. He also reveals himself to be Raymond Vaughn. Left for dead from the last series he was brought back by Dr. Portugal. Scout manages to save Rosa and with his sons head out into the desert in a stolen car.

A lot of big reveals in this issue. Redwire is revealed to be Vaughn. That was a big surprise since he was obviously shot dead back in the first series. It would explain his hatred for Scout and Rosa. He also successfully stages a coup and is now in charge of New America. He has made a deal with a shady Canadian arms dealer to equip his army with new tanks. Surprising that Scout still has feeling for Rosa even after she tried to kill him. They are now both on the run from the new regime. Pretty exciting issue.

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