“Nightmare in Vista-Vision”
Writer & Artist: Mike Grell

Morgan, Shakira and Aton arrive at the village of the dwarves. Morgan wants his old sword back. Its while here that giant cyclops attack the village. They scoop up three of the young women and after beating down Morgan and Aton they take off. It seems that these cyclops are regular visitors and take a few of the dwarves for a bit to eat. Morgan decides to put an end to their reign of terror and with an enthusiastic Aton and reluctant Shakira heads out to their lair.

The cyclops are in a cave and getting ready to eat their captives for lunch. Morgan’s plan is to have Shakira free the captives while he distracts the cyclops. They escape over a large log used as a bridge and Aton manages to collapse it as the cyclops are crossing. Meanwhile Jennifer is befriended by a mysterious man who talks to a box. The box is an enemy of Morgan.

“Welcome to the Funhouse”
Writers: Dan Miskin & Gary Cohn
Artists: Greg La Rocque & Vince Coletta

Omac enters the funhouse. An entertainment ride where six go in and five come out. Its one trippy place and has all sorts of monsters that try to kill you. Bets are placed on who dies. Omac is determined to get everyone out alive and with his strength successfully manages that. The only winner is the Visionary who accurately saw that nobody was going to die.

So Morgan gets his old sword back. That was the main point of this story and I kind of missed to old sword. We also find out that Jennifer is probably not all that safe. Just a fun little adventure to pad the quest. It ends with Aton asking why Morgan didn’t just use his pistol on the cyclops. His reply is he didn’t think about it. Kudos to Grell for pointing out what I think every reader was thinking. Of course he didn’t think about so there would be a story. But I like that it was worked in this way.

Omac is also another little fun adventure. Nothing big happens but some crazy adventure. Mariela the woman that Omac makes friends with produces a pistol which shows she is more than she seems. Apparently the corporations have strict gun control so she must be up to something. An enjoyable irrelevant issue.


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