“The Earth-Wreckers!”
Writer: Doug Moench
Artist: Tony DeZuniga

Doc Savage is traveling around the world. On every continent, Australia, Antarctica, Africa, Asia, North and South America he attacks a hideout. After beating up the hired thugs he acquires some strange device that he has shipped to this headquarters in New York. He is on a mission to stop the villain Iron Mask from his nefarious plan. Iron Mask is blackmailing the world governments that unless he receives a million from each he will detonate powerful bombs on all the continents and destroy the world.

Luckily a milquetoast of a man named Hiram Meeker finds Doc Savage’s cousin Pat Savage. Pat is a female version of Doc and with his help the group manage to track down the secret lair of Iron Mask in Scotland. In an underwater base using a submarine disguised as the Lock Ness Monster. They foil the plan and Iron Mask meets his end by the real Lock Ness Monster.

“The Pulp Doc Savage!”
Writer: Bob Sampson
Artist: Marshall Rodgers

An article on the history of the Pulp Doc Savage. Its began as a pulp magazine in 1933. How the character went through changes during the Second World War and the different writers that handled him. An interesting article.

“An Interview with Mrs. Lester Dent”
Interviewed by David Anthony Kraft

Norma Dent was the wife of Lester Dent who created Doc Savage. A prolific writer he managed to land a job for $500 a month writing for the pulps. Good money back in those days. He also never received a penny in royalties from his character. The publisher made sure that they owned the rights. Kind of sad and an interesting look into the creator of the character.

This was another exciting adventure. In fact the stories get better as they go along and so far this was my favorite. The villain was a meglomaniac with stupid henchmen. He insisted that his henchmen also wear iron masks and would berate them if they didn’t. He was the most funniest of the villains so far. We also get introduced to his cousin Pat Savage. She owns an overpriced beauty salon and is one fascinating character. This and we also get the Lock Ness Monster and gadgets galore. What more could you ask for in a Doc Savage adventure.

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