The Killing Season Chapter Seven”
Writer & Artist: Frank Cho

Shanna has reached the compound and is giving out the vaccine. She has no time to hang around because the horde of raptors is coming. She first tries to blow the bridge with dynamite that leads to the compound but it is a sturdy bridge. So she has to use her considerable strength to push down a giant tree to shatter the bridge and save the compound. Later she starts to cry because she thinks that Doc is dead. But Doc has made it. Shanna cut his leg off to get him out from under the boulder. He apparently survived and greets a joyful Shanna.

You know these new comics are very lite on words. This one took me under five minutes to read. Its mostly pictures with very little narrative or dialogue. Not complaining since this is still an excellent comic. The art is just beautiful and effectively tells the story. Shanna finally shows some emotion at the end. I love that Cho didn’t reveal that Doc survived until the end. It makes is seem that Shanna actually did kill him. I was pleasantly surprise with this revelation. This was a great re-boot for the Shanna character and look forward to how its handled in the next series.

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