Writer & Artist: Mike Grell

Morgan and Shakira arrive at Shamballah but find that the city is already under siege by the Therans. Morgan is determined to get to his Tara so mounts his stead and heads for the gate slashing the Therans that get in his way. He makes a good try but a Theran arrow forces him to abandon the field. He passes out and wakes up to Shakira standing over him. She had gone to the Atlantean armory and retrieved a laser rifle to help Morgan. Now armed with a laser rifle he cuts a path through the Therans and single-handed beats the attack back. When he gets into the city he finds out Tara never made it and it ends with an image of Tara a captive of the Therans. A brief sub-plot shows that Morgan’s daughter Jennifer survived the shipwreck and is found by a mysterious man with a box.

Writers: Dan Miskan & Gary Conn
Artists: Greg Larocque & Vince Colletta

The war between IC&C and Vernon Brothers is at a stalemate along the Mississippi. Omac has a plan to take out the leadership of Vernon Brothers. So he goes to their HQ in New York and attacks. He manages to overcome the guards, laser gun emplacements and weird arms that come out of the wall. When he gets to the offices he is confronted by Vindicator the superpowered man in the employ of Vernon Brothers. He lures Omac to the roof where a Vernon Brother film crew is ready to film the epic battle.

This is one awesome issue. I remember that I hadn’t been reading this title for a while as I moved from Utah to Nevada as a kid. This was the first issue I got when I started reading this title again and I loved it. This was Morgan at his best. Taking on a whole army and he also had a laser rifle. You can sense we are finally coming to the conclusion of Morgan’s quest to be reunited with Tara. Oh and we get a hint at how his daughter is faring which means a whole new story-line for the future.

The Omac story is also coming along nicely. So far its been heavy on exposition and now we get a more normal story. We’ve established Omac and his world so now we can focus on his mission. We get introduced to the satellite Brother-Eye that helps Omac and when he needs it can give him a boost of power. The Vindicator looks like a formidable enemy and ends with the promise of an epic battle.



“Hell-Reapers at the Heart of Paradise”
Writer: Doug Moench
Artist: Tony DeZuniga

A businessman working late at night is confronted by a Viking. Thus starts the new mystery for Doc Savage and his Amazing Five. A woman comes for help. She tells a story of her father who lead an expedition to find a sunken Spanish Galleon that was trying to find a Northwest Passage from China to Europe. The Galleon had a fortune in treasure. Her father and a man named Jared Rutter disappeared. Now the survivors of the expedition are disappearing and her missing father is the prime suspect. Doc Savage tracks the men not yet missing and fights a giant Viking with a scepter that shoots an energy beam.

The trail leads the group to a point around Baffin Island. They find the sunken Spanish Galleon and are sucked by a whirlpool to a large underground cavern. The cavern is lit by uranium in the walls and has a tropical jungle. The inhabitants are lizard men that are descendants of the Spanish crew. They have mutated into lizard-men. The group finds the woman’s father who is worshiped as a god and starting to mutate himself. The real villain is Jared Rutter who the radiation has grown to huge size and driven mad. He has actually recruited the other men of the expedition to help him mine the uranium in this lost valley. A fight causes a cave-in that floods the valley.
Thus ends the lost valley.

“Ron Ely: The Man Of Bronze”
Interview by John Warner
Photography by Michele Wolfman

An interview with Ron Ely the man who plays Doc Savage in the movie. An interesting interview. I learned a lot about Ron Ely who I knew from the Tarzan series in the ’60s.

The second issue was another great story. Once again we get plenty of cool gadgets. This time a lost civilization of lizard-men. Sure there are some plot holes. Why do the police believe that the father was behind the missing men when he himself has been missing? Why did he choose to dress as a Viking when Vikings had nothing to do with the lost valley? This wasn’t really explained but the story is enjoyable enough that you don’t really care.



“The Killing Season Part Four”
Writer & Artist: Frank Cho

Doc and Shanna reach the secret Nazis base and manage to retrieve the antidote. They also find a humvee and several crates of dynamite. The odds of them getting back in time have improved. Unfortunately they are ambushed by the T-Rex that Shanna stabbed with a spear and pushed over a cliff. He’s still alive and real pissed off. Shanna manages to hold him off long enough for Doc to make a bolo out of dynamite. He manages to throw it around the T-Rex’s neck and blow its head off. Their ride runs out of gas and they are forced to continue on foot.

I have to say that this cover has to be my favorite comic book cover of all time. The inside was pretty good too. The story is told with minimum of dialogue and is beautifully drawn. We find out that the Nazis base is huge. Big as five city blocks and can hold 200. It has a kitchen, movie theater, gymnasium and swimming pool. Not to mention a power plant. There still seems to be power so I wonder why the hell didn’t these guys move in there instead of a flimsy stockade that they live in. Just something that seems a little odd to me. Anyway looking forward to the next issue.

KA-ZAR #18


“The Gnome, The Queen and The Savage!”
Writer: Doug Moench
Artist: Val Mayerik

Ka-zar is sentenced to die in the arena for refusing to be Tandylla’s king. So together with a fellow gnome prisoner the two are commanded to fight each other to the death which Ka-zar refuses. So he has to fight Makrum. Ka-zar makes short work of him and with his new gnome friend fight their way to freedom. After leaving the city Ka-zar finds out that Tandy Snow is under the influence of The Fires of Submission. Ka-zar starts to go back but the father of Makrum a real tough dude named Raknor has found them. Meanwhile Marston makes a deal with the mysterious old people in the ruins. He gets immunity from whatever fate his companions Tongah and Kloss are about to suffer.

The action is really heating up in the story. I figured that Tandy was under some kind of spell or mind control. It was just too weird for her to start acting so goofy otherwise. I really enjoy this alien world that Ka-zar finds himself in. The Quarlians the shark riders. The strange invaders are still up to no good. And the mysterious old people and their mysterious secret. The possibilities for stories are endless.



“Wooly Bully Part 3 The Hunter”
Writer & Artist: Timothy Truman

The mysterious Redwire has joined forces with Rosa Winters. Scout meanwhile gets a visit from an associate of Rosa. The Wizard has disabled the motion sensors on one side. This allows Scout and the Hopi that he leads to attack the village. They manage to cause some serious damage. Scout has a confrontation with Redwire and manages to come out on top. But at the end he is shot in the back and left for dead by Rosa. His son Tahzey goes to find him leaving the younger Victorio alone. The bully Hopi kids plan to beat Victorio with a baseball bat. He uses his psychic powers to kill the bully. The head Doodyite takes the young Victorio away promising him someplace safe.

“The Slaying of the Eagle”
Writer & Artist: Timothy Truman

The next monster that Child of Water plans to kill is the Eagle Monster. He goes to the body of the Buffalo Monster and takes its intestines. He fills them with blood and wraps them around his body. The Eagle Monster finds him and drops him on the rocks. The intestines cushion his fall and the blood fools the Eagle Monster into thinking him dead. So he takes Child of Water to her nest to feed her young. Child of Water then clubs the Eagle to death. Finding that the youngest of the nest is the best flyer he chucks the other babies out. He has the young eagle fly him to the ground. Child of Water plucks out its feathers and they form the birds that exist.

Redwire is a mysterious figure from Scouts past. Its obvious that there is some bad history between the two. So in this issue it looks bad for Scout. To top this off his youngest son is kidnapped by the Doodyites. His youngest son also continues to show his powerful psychic abilities. Should be interesting to see what the next issue brings.

The Tales of the Apache continues along. Once again the monster is real stupid which is good for Child of Water. This feature is really charming and quite an interesting read. Not to mention quite gruesome. Folk tales must be universal the world over.



“The Pit”
Writer & Artist: Mike Grell

The ruler that Ashir is to marry is none other than Tara. Ashir finds that marriage may not be such a bad thing after all. Morgan has little time to get over his shock as masked assassins attack Tara. He springs into action and quickly takes out the assassins. Tara pretends not to recognize Morgan and he plays along. Later he sneaks into Tara’s room and finds out why she is here to marry Ashir. Shamballah is on the verge of war with Thera and is outnumbered. A royal marriage might prevent the war. Just then the robed figure Harrarh and his loyal henchmen burst into the room. He is the one behind the attempted plot against Ashir.

Morgan and Tara have no trouble taking out his men. But Harrarh has black Lotus powder and knocks them out. Morgan and Tara find themselves tied above a pit with a gelatinous creature. Harrarh is using Tara’s relationship with Morgan to get the nobles to turn against Ashir. Ashir comes to the rescue after being alerted by Shakira. He shoots an arrow into Harrarh’s eye and he falls into the pit. After he frees the two Ashir graciously gives Tara to Morgan who also graciously accepts. This angers Tara who doesn’t like to be given away by anyone. She decks Morgan and takes off for Shamballah. Morgan goes after her to win her over.

“The Book of the Dead Part II”
Writer & Artist: Mike Grell

Mongo Ironhand creates a shield to stop the falling rocks long enough for the group to escape into a cavern. There they find it inhabited by a strange creature who collects skulls. Its not very brave and runs off. Machiste, Mariah and Mongo find a way into the stronghold of Sarrgon Fire-eye. They manage to defeat him and take the Book of the Dead. While escaping Sarrgon manages to shoot a bolt of energy that makes Mongo drop the book. It falls into the active volcano and seems lost for good. But at the end the strange creature finds it.

So finally Morgan is reunited with Tara. This was a good way for their reunion. This was basically the whole point of this story. Ashir is the one at the end who saves the day. I love the reaction of Tara. She shows herself to be a strong and independent woman. So Morgan must now win her which is a great way to end this story.

The Wizard World was also a great story. Our heroes manage to rescue but lose the Book of the Dead. The ending hints that the book and the strange creature will be back. Grell true to form does not forget this plot thread and we will see it play a prominent part in a future Warlord storyline.



“The Doom on Thunder Isle!”
Writer: Doug Moench
Artists: John Buscema & Tony Dezuniga

A newly constructed skyscraper in New York is destroyed by a bolt of lightning. A woman then visits the residence of Doc Savage. Her brother is an architect that designed the building and is a good friend of Doc Savage. Soon after the place is attacked by mysterious men dressed in lightning bolt costumes with energy pistols. The men rather than be taken prisoner commit suicide.

The trail leads Savage to a restaurant on Long Island where another man is kidnapped and the building destroyed. This time Savage finds a silver dirigible is behind the attacks. He puts a tracking device on it and goes back to his place. The strange men have been back and kidnapped the woman and her fiance. Clues point to an island in the south Pacific. Doc then takes his dirigible which has a submarine attached and goes to the island. There they find a fortress. The man behind this is an electrician who is the woman’s fiance and was jealous that he wasn’t getting any credit for the buildings her brother build. He was blackmailing the brother with getting him to make payments so he wouldn’t marry his sister. Oh yeah and he also is completely mad and turns men into Manimals. These Manimals are part men and part animal. Savage and his amazing five manage to take out this madman and save the day.

“George Pal”
Interviewed by Jim Harmon and Chris Claremont.

An interview with the producer and director of the Doc Savage movie with Ron Ely. It has a lot of interesting facts about George and how the movie came about. There was a planned sequel and what sounds like plans to make a whole series of these films. Too bad they were never made.

So I heard from a fellow blogger that this was a good series. I also just watched the Doc Savage movie over Thanksgiving so this series intrigued me. Lucky the stars were aligned and I found them all on sale at a reasonable price. I will say that I did enjoy this comic. Doc Savage was a sort of James Bond during the 1930’s. A brilliant man with five sidekicks called the Amazing Five. These five men each were brilliant in a certain field. It was a really fun comic. There were all sorts of cool gadgets. Over the top evil madmen. They wisely kept the series rooted firmly in its roots of the 1930’s. Looking forward to reading the others that I now have.



“The Killing Season Part Three”
Writer & Artist: Frank Cho

Half the camp is infected by the virus. The cure is located back at the Nazis lab. The Doctor asks for three volunteers to go with him. Its dangerous because its now the dry season and the predators are migrating. Shanna naturally volunteers and later two others. Dr. Elsa says they have eight days before the virus is irreversible so it looks grim. On the way the group is attacked by a T-Rex and loses one of the guys. Shanna manages to kill it using a spear. It ends with them arriving at the lab.

The third issue was mainly a visual treat. The story is told with a minimum of dialogue or exposition. Shanna defeated the T-Rex by driving a spear in it and pushing it over a cliff. She used advanced geometry to figure it out. So she has not only superhuman strength but a high IQ. She is still emotionally cold but there is a spark of feeling in her. Interesting to see how this plays out.

KA-ZAR #17


“A Shark on the Wind!”
Writer: Doug Moench
Artist: Val Mayerik

Ka-zar and his gang are through the dimensional portal and in the world of the invaders. Before they are attacked by the green-skinned aliens another group attacks. Fish-men riding on flying sharks attack the invaders and destroy their portal opening beam. Ka-zar and company find themselves in a three-way fight except Marston who runs away. Ka-zar manages to capture a flying shark and with Tandy Snow flies off to the fish-men’s home.

After crossing a sea of lava Ka-zar and Tandy make it to the fish-men’s village. They are captured and Ka-zar finds himself captive with a bragging gnome. Ka-zar is later taken to meet the queen who now happens to be Tandy. Except now she calls herself Tandylla. She was made queen because of a prophecy and seems to have let it go to her head. She sentences Ka-zar to death after he spurs her romantic advances. Meanwhile Tongah, Zabu and Kloss find the cowardly Marston who leads them to mysterious ruins and some sinister old people. In the Savage land resistance grows against the invaders.

The story is really getting interesting. I love the new alien world with its flying sharks and other strange people. This is a cool idea with great possibilities. I already like the direction. The multiple story lines should keep the action going strong. Ka-zar of course once again has to deal with another woman falling in love with him. The guy has it tough.



“Wooly Bully Part II War Movie!!”
Writer & Artist: Timothy Truman

Rosa Winters has set up shop in the Doodyite village that her troops just recently massacred. Scout sneaks in to visit and finds that Rosa is one bitter woman. She is now more machine that human and blames Scout for the chain of events that brought her to where she is. Scout manages to take her daughter hostage in order to escape. Meanwhile his sons meet the local kids in the Hopi cave community. They have developed telekinetic powers and one kills a rabbit. This upsets young Victorio who uses his own telekinetic power to bring it back to life. This gets the interest of the Doodyites who plan to kidnap him. The story ends with Redwire planning on hunting down Scout.

“The Slaying of Buffalo Monster”
Writer & Artist: Timothy Truman.

Child of Water has succeeded in killing Owl Man Giant. Now he is going after the Buffalo Monster. The Buffalo Monster lives on the prairie and kill anyone who builds a fire. Child of Water asks the gopher for help. His advice to go forward behind the Buffalo’s back. Then the gopher digs a tunnel to the Buffalo Monster. He asks the Buffalo for some of his fur and takes the fur over his heart so Child of Water knows where to shoot. Child of Water succeeds in killing the Buffalo Monster.

This issue has some interesting developments. Rosa apparently has a real vendetta toward Scout. In some ways she is right that Scout was the trigger that started the Civil War. She will be a formidable enemy. His younger son Victorio is showing some powerful psychic abilities and the Doodyites are planning to kidnap him. This with Redwire coming into the mix should keep Scout’s hands full.

The Tales of the Apache continues on. Child of Water kills his second monster and these monsters are so far pretty dumb. This is a great feature and looking forward to the next chapter.