“The Killing Season Part 6”
Writer & Artist: Frank Cho

Doc and Shanna are fighting their way through a valley teeming with raptors. Shanna’s twin machetes are cutting a path through them and Doc isn’t doing too bad with his rifle either. They manage to make it to the other side and things are looking good. Suddenly the ground gives way and they are caught in a landslide. Doc is trapped under a boulder. A boulder too heavy even for Shanna to lift. The raptors have their scent and Doc implores Shanna to go on without him. But first he pleads with her to kill him before the raptors can get him. Shanna refuses but Doc insists. We end with the image of Shanna swinging her machete.

This was an exciting issue. The story is simple and goes fast but that’s ok. This is a type of comic that was meant to be appreciated for its beautiful artwork. Shanna looks awesome swinging her machetes and decapitating raptors left and right. Doc narrates this so we get insight into the story. Doc is an honorable and brave man willing to sacrifice himself for others. He also has hope to make Shanna less cold and more emotional. He seems to be succeeding. The ending leaves a cliffhanger for the conclusion to this series.

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