“The Bigger They Come Part 2”
Writer & Artist: Timothy Truman

Scout and La Duke track the Doodyites to a ranch. They decide to cause a stampede of elephants into their camp. So riding the giant armadillo Delbert the two drive a whole herd of elephants into them. Then Scout shoots a few and manages to rescue his son. He’s somewhat mad but once he gets his son back calms down. He plans to take his kids back to the cave of the Hopis. Meanwhile Redwire is making a move to take over Rosa’s army. He has all sorts of goodies for her troops, food, medicine, beer and TVs.

“The Choice”
Writer & Artist: Timothy Truman

Child of Water has destroyed all the monsters and now the Apache can live in peace. Usen the Giver of Life gives Child of Water and his brother Slayer of Enemies a choice. He lays out a gun and a bow and arrows. Slayer of Enemies being older gets first choice and chooses the gun. Child of Water gets the bow. Slayer of Enemies goes east and becomes the father of the white man. Child of Water goes to the mountains and became the Father of the Apache. And that is why we became different.

Well this issue was a somewhat light read but no less interesting. Scout finally gets his son back. We get a good elephant stampede and Redwire looks like he is planning some sort of coup. Interesting things are coming.

This also ends the Tales of the Apache folklore. My guess this was a more newer addition to the folklore with the introduction of the gun and how the white man came about. This was a real interesting story and a great insight into Apache culture. Very much appreciated this.

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