“The Inferno Scheme!”
Writer: Doug Moench
Artists: John Buscema & Tony DeZuniga

A robotic eagle breaks into a jewelry store and steals some diamonds. An exhibit at the museum for The Stavros Diamond has its security increased. A frantic woman is trying to convince the museum to call off the exhibit. Just then a robotic bear breaks in. A man in disguise tries to stop it but is no match and the diamond is stolen. The man is Renny one of Doc Savages friends who was their to watch the diamond. The woman is identified as Contessa De Chabrol. She claims it is her brother who now calls himself Inferno is behind the thefts. He has a fortress in northern Maine and is creating a weapon from the diamonds.

So Renny goes with the Contessa to break into the place. He is captured and forced to complete the laser weapon or else the Contessa will be killed. Renny breaks out and finds out that the Contessa is not Inferno’s brother but his lover. She is in on the plan to blackmail the world governments with the death ray. Fortunately Doc Savage and the others arrive and put an end to the scheme. The fortress blows up when the Contessa tries to use the death ray that has been sabotaged.

“A Most Singular Writ of Habeus Corpus”
Writer: Doug Moench
Artist: Rico Rival

Lt. Andrew Blodgett Mayfair aka Monk is having a friendly sword fight with his friend Ham. Monk is one of Doc’s Amazing Five and a brilliant chemist. The fight is interrupted by the arrival of a beautiful woman that needs Monk’s help. So he goes with his pet pig Habeus Corpus to a warehouse on the docks. The woman’s brother turns out to be a notorious bootlegger. He wants Monk to come up with a way to take the alcohol from a rival bootlegger’s booze. Monk manages to have his pet pig chew through his bonds. Then using ointment that he smeared on the pig creates an acid to dissolve a hole in the wall. The rival bootlegger comes and in the gunfight an explosion destroys the warehouse. Monk and the girl make it to safety along with Habeus Corpus.

The third issue starts to give Doc Savages companions more time. The main story actually had Renny the brilliant engineer as the main protagonist. The backup story will start spotlighting a solo story for each of the Amazing Five. Monk the brilliant chemist with a pet pig got his own story. Both stories were quite enjoyable. Once again it has a James Bond feel to it. A crazy mad scientist with a death ray. A fortress full of armed men and animal robots. This time the beautiful woman that comes to them for help turns out the be a villain. I am enjoying this series and look forward to the next issue.

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