Writer & Artist: Mike Grell

Morgan and Shakira arrive at Shamballah but find that the city is already under siege by the Therans. Morgan is determined to get to his Tara so mounts his stead and heads for the gate slashing the Therans that get in his way. He makes a good try but a Theran arrow forces him to abandon the field. He passes out and wakes up to Shakira standing over him. She had gone to the Atlantean armory and retrieved a laser rifle to help Morgan. Now armed with a laser rifle he cuts a path through the Therans and single-handed beats the attack back. When he gets into the city he finds out Tara never made it and it ends with an image of Tara a captive of the Therans. A brief sub-plot shows that Morgan’s daughter Jennifer survived the shipwreck and is found by a mysterious man with a box.

Writers: Dan Miskan & Gary Conn
Artists: Greg Larocque & Vince Colletta

The war between IC&C and Vernon Brothers is at a stalemate along the Mississippi. Omac has a plan to take out the leadership of Vernon Brothers. So he goes to their HQ in New York and attacks. He manages to overcome the guards, laser gun emplacements and weird arms that come out of the wall. When he gets to the offices he is confronted by Vindicator the superpowered man in the employ of Vernon Brothers. He lures Omac to the roof where a Vernon Brother film crew is ready to film the epic battle.

This is one awesome issue. I remember that I hadn’t been reading this title for a while as I moved from Utah to Nevada as a kid. This was the first issue I got when I started reading this title again and I loved it. This was Morgan at his best. Taking on a whole army and he also had a laser rifle. You can sense we are finally coming to the conclusion of Morgan’s quest to be reunited with Tara. Oh and we get a hint at how his daughter is faring which means a whole new story-line for the future.

The Omac story is also coming along nicely. So far its been heavy on exposition and now we get a more normal story. We’ve established Omac and his world so now we can focus on his mission. We get introduced to the satellite Brother-Eye that helps Omac and when he needs it can give him a boost of power. The Vindicator looks like a formidable enemy and ends with the promise of an epic battle.


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