“Hell-Reapers at the Heart of Paradise”
Writer: Doug Moench
Artist: Tony DeZuniga

A businessman working late at night is confronted by a Viking. Thus starts the new mystery for Doc Savage and his Amazing Five. A woman comes for help. She tells a story of her father who lead an expedition to find a sunken Spanish Galleon that was trying to find a Northwest Passage from China to Europe. The Galleon had a fortune in treasure. Her father and a man named Jared Rutter disappeared. Now the survivors of the expedition are disappearing and her missing father is the prime suspect. Doc Savage tracks the men not yet missing and fights a giant Viking with a scepter that shoots an energy beam.

The trail leads the group to a point around Baffin Island. They find the sunken Spanish Galleon and are sucked by a whirlpool to a large underground cavern. The cavern is lit by uranium in the walls and has a tropical jungle. The inhabitants are lizard men that are descendants of the Spanish crew. They have mutated into lizard-men. The group finds the woman’s father who is worshiped as a god and starting to mutate himself. The real villain is Jared Rutter who the radiation has grown to huge size and driven mad. He has actually recruited the other men of the expedition to help him mine the uranium in this lost valley. A fight causes a cave-in that floods the valley.
Thus ends the lost valley.

“Ron Ely: The Man Of Bronze”
Interview by John Warner
Photography by Michele Wolfman

An interview with Ron Ely the man who plays Doc Savage in the movie. An interesting interview. I learned a lot about Ron Ely who I knew from the Tarzan series in the ’60s.

The second issue was another great story. Once again we get plenty of cool gadgets. This time a lost civilization of lizard-men. Sure there are some plot holes. Why do the police believe that the father was behind the missing men when he himself has been missing? Why did he choose to dress as a Viking when Vikings had nothing to do with the lost valley? This wasn’t really explained but the story is enjoyable enough that you don’t really care.


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