“The Killing Season Part Four”
Writer & Artist: Frank Cho

Doc and Shanna reach the secret Nazis base and manage to retrieve the antidote. They also find a humvee and several crates of dynamite. The odds of them getting back in time have improved. Unfortunately they are ambushed by the T-Rex that Shanna stabbed with a spear and pushed over a cliff. He’s still alive and real pissed off. Shanna manages to hold him off long enough for Doc to make a bolo out of dynamite. He manages to throw it around the T-Rex’s neck and blow its head off. Their ride runs out of gas and they are forced to continue on foot.

I have to say that this cover has to be my favorite comic book cover of all time. The inside was pretty good too. The story is told with minimum of dialogue and is beautifully drawn. We find out that the Nazis base is huge. Big as five city blocks and can hold 200. It has a kitchen, movie theater, gymnasium and swimming pool. Not to mention a power plant. There still seems to be power so I wonder why the hell didn’t these guys move in there instead of a flimsy stockade that they live in. Just something that seems a little odd to me. Anyway looking forward to the next issue.

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