KA-ZAR #18


“The Gnome, The Queen and The Savage!”
Writer: Doug Moench
Artist: Val Mayerik

Ka-zar is sentenced to die in the arena for refusing to be Tandylla’s king. So together with a fellow gnome prisoner the two are commanded to fight each other to the death which Ka-zar refuses. So he has to fight Makrum. Ka-zar makes short work of him and with his new gnome friend fight their way to freedom. After leaving the city Ka-zar finds out that Tandy Snow is under the influence of The Fires of Submission. Ka-zar starts to go back but the father of Makrum a real tough dude named Raknor has found them. Meanwhile Marston makes a deal with the mysterious old people in the ruins. He gets immunity from whatever fate his companions Tongah and Kloss are about to suffer.

The action is really heating up in the story. I figured that Tandy was under some kind of spell or mind control. It was just too weird for her to start acting so goofy otherwise. I really enjoy this alien world that Ka-zar finds himself in. The Quarlians the shark riders. The strange invaders are still up to no good. And the mysterious old people and their mysterious secret. The possibilities for stories are endless.


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