“Wooly Bully Part 3 The Hunter”
Writer & Artist: Timothy Truman

The mysterious Redwire has joined forces with Rosa Winters. Scout meanwhile gets a visit from an associate of Rosa. The Wizard has disabled the motion sensors on one side. This allows Scout and the Hopi that he leads to attack the village. They manage to cause some serious damage. Scout has a confrontation with Redwire and manages to come out on top. But at the end he is shot in the back and left for dead by Rosa. His son Tahzey goes to find him leaving the younger Victorio alone. The bully Hopi kids plan to beat Victorio with a baseball bat. He uses his psychic powers to kill the bully. The head Doodyite takes the young Victorio away promising him someplace safe.

“The Slaying of the Eagle”
Writer & Artist: Timothy Truman

The next monster that Child of Water plans to kill is the Eagle Monster. He goes to the body of the Buffalo Monster and takes its intestines. He fills them with blood and wraps them around his body. The Eagle Monster finds him and drops him on the rocks. The intestines cushion his fall and the blood fools the Eagle Monster into thinking him dead. So he takes Child of Water to her nest to feed her young. Child of Water then clubs the Eagle to death. Finding that the youngest of the nest is the best flyer he chucks the other babies out. He has the young eagle fly him to the ground. Child of Water plucks out its feathers and they form the birds that exist.

Redwire is a mysterious figure from Scouts past. Its obvious that there is some bad history between the two. So in this issue it looks bad for Scout. To top this off his youngest son is kidnapped by the Doodyites. His youngest son also continues to show his powerful psychic abilities. Should be interesting to see what the next issue brings.

The Tales of the Apache continues along. Once again the monster is real stupid which is good for Child of Water. This feature is really charming and quite an interesting read. Not to mention quite gruesome. Folk tales must be universal the world over.

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