“The Pit”
Writer & Artist: Mike Grell

The ruler that Ashir is to marry is none other than Tara. Ashir finds that marriage may not be such a bad thing after all. Morgan has little time to get over his shock as masked assassins attack Tara. He springs into action and quickly takes out the assassins. Tara pretends not to recognize Morgan and he plays along. Later he sneaks into Tara’s room and finds out why she is here to marry Ashir. Shamballah is on the verge of war with Thera and is outnumbered. A royal marriage might prevent the war. Just then the robed figure Harrarh and his loyal henchmen burst into the room. He is the one behind the attempted plot against Ashir.

Morgan and Tara have no trouble taking out his men. But Harrarh has black Lotus powder and knocks them out. Morgan and Tara find themselves tied above a pit with a gelatinous creature. Harrarh is using Tara’s relationship with Morgan to get the nobles to turn against Ashir. Ashir comes to the rescue after being alerted by Shakira. He shoots an arrow into Harrarh’s eye and he falls into the pit. After he frees the two Ashir graciously gives Tara to Morgan who also graciously accepts. This angers Tara who doesn’t like to be given away by anyone. She decks Morgan and takes off for Shamballah. Morgan goes after her to win her over.

“The Book of the Dead Part II”
Writer & Artist: Mike Grell

Mongo Ironhand creates a shield to stop the falling rocks long enough for the group to escape into a cavern. There they find it inhabited by a strange creature who collects skulls. Its not very brave and runs off. Machiste, Mariah and Mongo find a way into the stronghold of Sarrgon Fire-eye. They manage to defeat him and take the Book of the Dead. While escaping Sarrgon manages to shoot a bolt of energy that makes Mongo drop the book. It falls into the active volcano and seems lost for good. But at the end the strange creature finds it.

So finally Morgan is reunited with Tara. This was a good way for their reunion. This was basically the whole point of this story. Ashir is the one at the end who saves the day. I love the reaction of Tara. She shows herself to be a strong and independent woman. So Morgan must now win her which is a great way to end this story.

The Wizard World was also a great story. Our heroes manage to rescue but lose the Book of the Dead. The ending hints that the book and the strange creature will be back. Grell true to form does not forget this plot thread and we will see it play a prominent part in a future Warlord storyline.


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