“The Doom on Thunder Isle!”
Writer: Doug Moench
Artists: John Buscema & Tony Dezuniga

A newly constructed skyscraper in New York is destroyed by a bolt of lightning. A woman then visits the residence of Doc Savage. Her brother is an architect that designed the building and is a good friend of Doc Savage. Soon after the place is attacked by mysterious men dressed in lightning bolt costumes with energy pistols. The men rather than be taken prisoner commit suicide.

The trail leads Savage to a restaurant on Long Island where another man is kidnapped and the building destroyed. This time Savage finds a silver dirigible is behind the attacks. He puts a tracking device on it and goes back to his place. The strange men have been back and kidnapped the woman and her fiance. Clues point to an island in the south Pacific. Doc then takes his dirigible which has a submarine attached and goes to the island. There they find a fortress. The man behind this is an electrician who is the woman’s fiance and was jealous that he wasn’t getting any credit for the buildings her brother build. He was blackmailing the brother with getting him to make payments so he wouldn’t marry his sister. Oh yeah and he also is completely mad and turns men into Manimals. These Manimals are part men and part animal. Savage and his amazing five manage to take out this madman and save the day.

“George Pal”
Interviewed by Jim Harmon and Chris Claremont.

An interview with the producer and director of the Doc Savage movie with Ron Ely. It has a lot of interesting facts about George and how the movie came about. There was a planned sequel and what sounds like plans to make a whole series of these films. Too bad they were never made.

So I heard from a fellow blogger that this was a good series. I also just watched the Doc Savage movie over Thanksgiving so this series intrigued me. Lucky the stars were aligned and I found them all on sale at a reasonable price. I will say that I did enjoy this comic. Doc Savage was a sort of James Bond during the 1930’s. A brilliant man with five sidekicks called the Amazing Five. These five men each were brilliant in a certain field. It was a really fun comic. There were all sorts of cool gadgets. Over the top evil madmen. They wisely kept the series rooted firmly in its roots of the 1930’s. Looking forward to reading the others that I now have.

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