“The Killing Season Part Three”
Writer & Artist: Frank Cho

Half the camp is infected by the virus. The cure is located back at the Nazis lab. The Doctor asks for three volunteers to go with him. Its dangerous because its now the dry season and the predators are migrating. Shanna naturally volunteers and later two others. Dr. Elsa says they have eight days before the virus is irreversible so it looks grim. On the way the group is attacked by a T-Rex and loses one of the guys. Shanna manages to kill it using a spear. It ends with them arriving at the lab.

The third issue was mainly a visual treat. The story is told with a minimum of dialogue or exposition. Shanna defeated the T-Rex by driving a spear in it and pushing it over a cliff. She used advanced geometry to figure it out. So she has not only superhuman strength but a high IQ. She is still emotionally cold but there is a spark of feeling in her. Interesting to see how this plays out.

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