KA-ZAR #17


“A Shark on the Wind!”
Writer: Doug Moench
Artist: Val Mayerik

Ka-zar and his gang are through the dimensional portal and in the world of the invaders. Before they are attacked by the green-skinned aliens another group attacks. Fish-men riding on flying sharks attack the invaders and destroy their portal opening beam. Ka-zar and company find themselves in a three-way fight except Marston who runs away. Ka-zar manages to capture a flying shark and with Tandy Snow flies off to the fish-men’s home.

After crossing a sea of lava Ka-zar and Tandy make it to the fish-men’s village. They are captured and Ka-zar finds himself captive with a bragging gnome. Ka-zar is later taken to meet the queen who now happens to be Tandy. Except now she calls herself Tandylla. She was made queen because of a prophecy and seems to have let it go to her head. She sentences Ka-zar to death after he spurs her romantic advances. Meanwhile Tongah, Zabu and Kloss find the cowardly Marston who leads them to mysterious ruins and some sinister old people. In the Savage land resistance grows against the invaders.

The story is really getting interesting. I love the new alien world with its flying sharks and other strange people. This is a cool idea with great possibilities. I already like the direction. The multiple story lines should keep the action going strong. Ka-zar of course once again has to deal with another woman falling in love with him. The guy has it tough.

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