“Wooly Bully Part II War Movie!!”
Writer & Artist: Timothy Truman

Rosa Winters has set up shop in the Doodyite village that her troops just recently massacred. Scout sneaks in to visit and finds that Rosa is one bitter woman. She is now more machine that human and blames Scout for the chain of events that brought her to where she is. Scout manages to take her daughter hostage in order to escape. Meanwhile his sons meet the local kids in the Hopi cave community. They have developed telekinetic powers and one kills a rabbit. This upsets young Victorio who uses his own telekinetic power to bring it back to life. This gets the interest of the Doodyites who plan to kidnap him. The story ends with Redwire planning on hunting down Scout.

“The Slaying of Buffalo Monster”
Writer & Artist: Timothy Truman.

Child of Water has succeeded in killing Owl Man Giant. Now he is going after the Buffalo Monster. The Buffalo Monster lives on the prairie and kill anyone who builds a fire. Child of Water asks the gopher for help. His advice to go forward behind the Buffalo’s back. Then the gopher digs a tunnel to the Buffalo Monster. He asks the Buffalo for some of his fur and takes the fur over his heart so Child of Water knows where to shoot. Child of Water succeeds in killing the Buffalo Monster.

This issue has some interesting developments. Rosa apparently has a real vendetta toward Scout. In some ways she is right that Scout was the trigger that started the Civil War. She will be a formidable enemy. His younger son Victorio is showing some powerful psychic abilities and the Doodyites are planning to kidnap him. This with Redwire coming into the mix should keep Scout’s hands full.

The Tales of the Apache continues on. Child of Water kills his second monster and these monsters are so far pretty dumb. This is a great feature and looking forward to the next chapter.


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