“The Brotherhood of Death”
Writer & Artist: Mike Grell

Morgan and Shakira arrive at the kingdom of Khambuka and meet its king Aram Al Ashir. This was formerly the rogue Ashir that Morgan had his adventure with in the Temple of the Sun. Now Ashir has reclaimed his crown and is somewhat miserable. The tedious affairs of state are wearing him down and worst of all he has to get married. So for some excitement he invites Morgan and Shakira on a royal hunt for the upcoming wedding feast. Things though are not all that peaceful. A mysterious figure is plotting to assassinate Ashir and seize the throne. His first attempt is to plant a talisman on Ashir that causes a sabretooth to attack him on the hunt. When that fails the more direct approach of armed assassins are used. Both fail because of Morgan and Shakira. At the end his future betrothed arrives and it is Tara…Morgans own mate.

“The Book of the Dead”
Writer & Artist: Mike Grell

Mongo, Mariah and Machiste are going through Wralf the Wretched’s castle looking for the Book of the Dead. With it Mongo could become the supreme wizard and send Mariah and Machiste back to their own time. Before they can grab it the wizard Zarrgon Fire-Eye pops in and steals it. The trio then head off to the Great Fire Mountain which is the strongehold of Zarragon. There they are attacked by small gnomes on tiny pterodactyls. After beating them off Zarrgon causes an avalanche that buries our heroes.

So Morgan gets involved with palace intrigue in this issue. Also we get to see Ashir the lovable rogue and how he fairs as being king. A good change of pace in Morgan’s journey. Of course the real development is that the woman Ashir is supposed to marry is Tara. A great way to end the issue. Its about time for Morgan to be reunited with Tara.

The other surprise for this issue is the return of Wizard World. From the letter columns its obvious that this was a popular idea. I myself enjoy this crazy world with its martini and cigar smoking wizard Mongo Ironhand. Its great that Grell found time to pen this extra feature.

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