“The Killing Season Chapter II”
Writer & Artist: Frank Cho

It is four months since the soldiers found Shanna and Elsa at the secret Nazis base. They have taken them to the fort they build. Shanna is showing herself to be a remarkable woman. She learns English is no time and has the strength of twelve men. She has no problem with killing dinosaurs with her bear hands. Dr. Elsa has remained secretive about the Nazis base. They do find out that Shanna is a genetically engineered creation. The Doctor of the military men has his concerns. Shanna while intelligent seems to have an emotional coldness. A lack of emotions. Twice she almost kills one of the men. The issues ends with one of the men opening a packet that was taken from the base and releasing some sort of viral agent.

This story does a good job of establishing Shanna. It gives us an idea of who she is and what she’s capable of. Cho does a good job of portraying her as emotionless and dangerous. There is still plenty of mystery about the island, the Nazis base and Shanna’s origin. We also find out how Shanna got her name. The soldiers named her after the comic book character that she resembles. A nice nod to the original character. The viral agent sets up a great cliffhanger. It ends promising more Shanna, dinosaurs and Nazis. What more could you ask for.


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