“Wooly Bully”
Writer & Artist: Timothy Truman

Scout and his sons accompany the Doodyites to their village. The village they come upon is deserted. They find out that Rosa Winter’s army massacred most of the inhabitants. Scout stays the night to help bury the dead. Young Tahzey gets lured by a flute and comes upon what look like giant demons. Scout comes to the rescue but the demons are actually robots made by a group of Hopi Indians. The Hopi have saved some of the villagers and offer sanctuary in their cave. Just on the horizon Rosa and her army are approaching.

“The Slaying of Owl Man Giant”
Writer & Artist: Timothy Truman

Child of Water goes out with his brother Slayer of Enemies to kill the Owl Man Giant. Child of Water has a bow his mom made and was empowered with bolts of lightning. Slayer of Enemies kills a deer and Owl Man Giants comes and takes it. Slayer of Enemies cries like a baby and Child of Water challenges Owl Man Giant to a duel. They will shoot four arrows at each other with Owl going first. Child picks up a blue stone that makes Owl’s arrows miss him. Then Child shoots and all four find their target. Next Child of Water plans to go after the Buffalo Monster.

“La Duke’s Tips for Real Men”

The real man picture contest winners are announced. The grand prize goes to Paul Rocheleau of Amherstburg, Ontario. There are also three runner ups. Got to admit that only a real man would be able to get a case full of guns in Canada.

The next Scout story was a sedate one. Beautifully drawn it introduced the enemy that Rosa Winters has become. Scout seems drawn to getting involved with this fight. The advanced Hopi society seems like an interesting idea that has potential.

Also the Tales of the Apache comes along nicely. Slayer of Enemies was clearly misnamed. He is a wussy crybaby. Enjoying learning about Apache folk tales.

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