“The Feast of Agravar”
Writer & Artist: Mike Grell

Morgan and Shakira have left Aton and continue on their journey to Shamballah on the flying horse Firewing. They get ambushed by some pterodactyls. The pterodactyls were deliberately used against them by a mysterious figure with a box. Later they come upon one of the old Atlantean ruins and Morgan decides to explore. Leaving Firewing with Sharkira he enters and trips an electric eye reactivating the place. Shakira joins him and the two are greeted by a robot named Bogs. Bogs is friendly enough and offers them a goblet of wine. The wine is drugged and the two are tied to an alter. It seems Bogs learned to sacrifice to Agravar from a primitive tribe that once camped here. Agravar is a giant worm and Bogs sacrifices to it to avoid damage to the facility which is his primary programming. Sharkira turns into a cat and escapes. She gets an Atlantean laser gun from the armory and blast Bogs then Agravar. As the two leave Morgan discovers Firewing is gone. Shakira set him free. It ends with Aton finding the wreckage of Jennifer Morgan’s ship on the shore.

“Battle Cry”
Writer: Jim Starlin
Artists: Jim Starlin & Romeo Tanghal

St. Louis Missouri is the scene for an epic battle. The forces of IC&C attack the Vernon Brother occupied city. Omac leads the IC&C mercenaries in this battle. 56,695 men die in this battle. Omac is left sitting on top of a pile of bodies remarking that “its been one hell of a day.”

It seems that Atlantean technology was built to last. This isn’t the first time Morgan found working tech. It also looks as though this tech over time tends to develop a dangerous personality of its own. An enjoyable little story that spotlights Shakira and shows her as the hero. It also saw the end of Firewing. That was probably a smart move. It was a bit over the top to go traipsing around on a flying horse. Morgan had to be brought back to Earth. Finally the development of Morgan’s daughter being in danger hints at another future plot thread to follow.

The Omac story was a fairly simple but effective story. The first two were heavy on exposition and this one was the opposite. It had very little dialogue and told the story through images. Omac is seeing that his quest will be a hard one with much bloodshed. He begins to have doubts if its worth it. A very good entry for his story.

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