“The Killing Season Part I”
Writer & Artist: Frank Cho

For over three years a group of military men have been marooned on a mysterious island. They find a building and enter to find tanks growing embryos. There is a Nazi flag and everything is in German. One tank has a beautiful woman fully grown. Their entrance revives her and they are forced to break the tube to rescue her. Later they find another beautiful woman who speaks German. They don’t have time to find out who she is when a raptor attacks killing several of the men including their leader. Just as the raptor is about to kill someone the mysterious woman that they revived manages to grab the neck of the raptor and break it with her bear hands.

This is a reboot of Shanna and it starts off strong. A mysterious island with a Nazi laboratory. From there we find out that the island they are on has prehistoric creatures and other weird phenomenon. Finally we are introduced to the new Shanna who has incredible strength not to mention being a real looker. This is a new series to me and I already look forward to the next issue. I have a feeling this re-imaging of Shanna will be a real winner.

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