KA-ZAR #15


“When Shatters the Gateway to Hell!”
Writer: Doug Moench
Artist: Val Mayerik

Ka-zar has just chased off Klaw in the Imperial War Museum. Klaw leaves a parting gift in a flying monster he created with his sound gun. The monster picks up Ka-zar and carries him aloft. Ka-zar manages to cut off its wing and they plunge into the Thames were sound will dissipate the apparition. Ka-zar then visits the reporter Tandy Snow in the hospital. She introduces him to her friend Kirk Marston. He is a radiologist and has a theory about the madness that is effecting the Savage Land. He believes that Klaw irradiated the Vibranium with his sonic weapon and that it’s radiation emissions are causing temporary dementia. He agrees to go to the Savage land and Tandy Snow also accompanies them for the story.

Klaw we find out is working for a race of aliens. They need his sonic weapon to activate the mountain of Vibranium in the Savage Land so it will open a dimensional portal and allow their army to invade. Klaw does this and the alien army arrives and starts to conquer the Savage Land. Ka-zar arrives with his friends at Dr. Kloss’s cave and finds Tongah looking for him to warn of the invasion. A messenger from the Fall People arrives and tells of a massacre before a green beam disintegrates the messenger. The leader then descends on a beam of light to talk to Ka-zar. Tongah is driven mad at the thought of his people being massacred and kills the leader with a spear. It ends with the aliens about to kill Tongah in retribution.

This is an interesting development. Aliens from another dimension invading the Savage Land. It was good that Ka-zar was brought back quickly to the Savage Land since that is where he belongs. I just love all the goofy science they use. They make it sound so real. This invasion should prove to be a real challenge for Ka-zar.

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