“Big River”
Writer & Artist: Timothy Truman

Yuma manages to capture the “Empress Jones.” The Doodyites that were on board managed to make sure the crew weren’t able to arm themselves. Rosa Winters is attacking their settlement and conspired with Yuma to hijack the ship. Now Yuma is a few brick shy of a full load. He stages a fight between Scout and a disgruntled member of his gang. Scout knocked the guys eye out when they were boarding and this guy wants revenge. He is given a flamethrower to fight Scout. Scout though is able to overcome this unfair advantage and set off the flamethrower. The guy then on fire runs into crates of ammo causing an explosion. The New American Army arrives in time looking for their guns. Captain Mary heads off to find a new crew and Scout and his boys continue with their wanderings.

“He Finds Power”
Writer & Artist: Timothy Truman

The second chapter in Tales of the Apache. White Painted woman lays in the falls and gets pregnant with Child of Waters. She is warned that he must be hidden under their fire or Giant Owl Man will eat the boy. She manages to hide the boy and the Giant Owl Man who is dumb as a tree stump can never find him. One day the boy asks for a bow and arrows to kill the monster. He gets hit by lightning to prove that he is the son of Lightning. He is given a bow and will hunt the monsters.

The further adventures of Scout continues. He show that he is a very skilled fighter and a lucky one. Yuma will make a good future villain. He’s obviously nuttier than a fruitcake and will probably want a rematch with Scout. Rosa Winters is shown to be mounting a campaign to reunite this part of the country with her New America. The Doodyites the cult that grew from Doody is also shown to be a main player in this story. A great action story with some beautiful artwork make this an enjoyable story.

The Tales of the Apache comes along just fine. Its obvious that Truman has a love for the Apache and it comes through with his telling of this Apache mythology.

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