“The Shape of Things Gone By”
Writer & Artist: Mike Grell

Morgan and Shakira are flying over the sea on the newly named flying horse Firewing. They come upon a yacht from the surface world being attacked by a sea serpent. Morgan jumps down and dispatches the monster. He finds a man named Chambers and big surprise his daughter Jennifer. Jennifer is now a grown woman. She mounted an expedition after hearing from Professor Lakely that Morgan was in Skartaris. The ship pulls into shore so they can bury the captain who died from injuries from the sea serpent. They are then attacked by a group of armed men. Morgan holds them off but the band’s leader intervenes. It is Aton the young boy from issue twelve who was given the job of being the Warlord’s herald. He is now an adult and leading Morgan’s former band of freedom fighters. Morgan reconciles with his daughter and the mysterious Chambers. Chambers was a CIA agent who was out to kill Morgan because of what he did to Stryker. But Chambers fell in love with Jennifer. So the two head off back to the surface world.

“The Decision!”
Writer: Jim Starlin
Artists: Jim Starlin & Romeo Tanghal

Omac wants to surrender to the IC&C (International Communications & Commerce) mercenaries but they aren’t taking prisoners. Not economically viable. So Omac has to beat them into a pulp. The president of IC&C Wiley Quixote intervenes and takes up Omac’s offer to surrender. Omac uses the opportunity to offer his services. He wants the corporate war to end and is willing to help Quixote defeat the other corporations. It is revealed at the end that Quixote is working with the Visionary Mextaxa.

This issue had a lot going on for such a low key story. We learn that Morgan has a daughter from his previous marriage. He left her with his sister while going off to Vietnam. He wasn’t the greatest father but he does get to reconcile with his daughter. Also the other big reveal is Aton. He now leads Morgan’s band and the dream of freedom is still alive. It is great that Grell remembers such little events from years ago and brings them back. A great issue in Morgan’s growth as a character. He puts a lot of demons to rest.

Omac story is starting to take shape. He will ally with a somewhat questionable ally in saving the world. While fascinating this corporate takeover of the the world is not really realistic. Corporations work for profit and having to provide services and the expense of constant war would be very economically unprofitable. Still it does make for an interesting story.


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