“Where Nekra Walks…Death Must Follow!”
Writer: Steve Gerber
Artist: Ross Andru

Shanna and Patrick are having an arm wrestling match when it is interrupted by the arrival of a jet. It is Jakura Singh the Shield agent. He takes both Shanna, Patrick and the leopards to a Shield carrier off the coast. There they have a teleconference with an FBI Agent and Professor Xavier. They learn that the Mandrill was a mutant and another mutant is part of his organization.

This other mutant is Nekri a kind of vampire woman who is leading the Mandrill’s all female cult. She goes after Patrick and Shanna for their part in his capture. She sets fire to Patrick’s place and while Shanna rescues him, Nekra fights Ina and Biri. Shanna rescues Patrick and then takes on Nekra. Nekra seems invincible but Shanna manages to get her in a headlock and choke her unconscious.

Well this was the final issue for her series. Apparently a female lead wasn’t enough to grab readership back in the early seventies. This issue was a bit ho-hum. They drag Shanna and her leopards on a fighter jet and almost crash it just to have a pointless meeting. Nekra was easy to beat and nothing much happened. We still are nowhere close to rescuing Shanna’s father.

Still Shanna would go on to be an established character in the Marvel Universe. The story continued in Daredevil and other titles that she guest starred in. Eventually she would find a permanent home in the Savage Land with Ka-zar. This was the perfect place for her to end up and we will see much more of her in future reviews of the Ka-zar title.


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