KA-ZAR #14


“Two Worlds in Frenzy!”
Writer: Doug Moench
Artist: Larry Hama

Ka-zar and Tongah are hunting a T-Rex that has eaten several of the Fall People. Suddenly Tongah goes mad and attacks the T-Rex with only his spear. Luckily Ka-zar is around and manages to subdue Tongah and then kill the T-Rex with Tongah’s spear. He takes Tongah to a scientist studying the Savage land for help. Dr. Bernard Kloss suggests that it may be the Vibranium the rare and valuable metal found in the Savage land. He suggests that Ka-zar go to the outside world for an expert.

So Ka-zar and Zabu head out to a research base in the Antarctic for a ride to London. There as Lord Kevin Plunder he calls a press conference for help. It is here that Ka-zar is attacked by Klaw. Klaw can manipulate sound into solid objects and shoot deadly blasts with his arm gun. Ka-zar is shielded with his Vibranium belt buckle and chases him to the Imperial War Museum. Falling debris knocks out a beautiful report distracting Ka-zar long enough for Klaw to make is getaway in a flying saucer.

Ka-zar is back in civilization. He seems to be more worldly now. He calmly has Zabu put in a cage and seems to understand how civilization works. He doesn’t like it but can function in it. He is one bad-ass since he can kill a T-Rex with a spear and was willing to take it on with a knife. Of course he doesn’t take long to find trouble. Klaw is a formidable opponent and it will be interesting to find out why he attacked Ka-zar. Ka-zar also gets involved with a beautiful reporter named Tandy Snow who was the only smart reporter in the bunch. This guy know how to attract the ladies.


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