“Proud Mary!”
Writer & Artist: Timothy Truman

Scout and his sons are on a river barge heading downstream. He is on the “The Empress Jones” heading down the Hassayampa river. The captain Mary takes a liking to Scout and his boys. Trouble is ahead in the brigand Atuma Yuma. Atuma has build a dam on the river and wants to steal the shipment of arms on the barge. Scout manages with his trusty Enfield to hit the mortar ammunition and cause an explosion. Unfortunately the river is mined and the barge sinks onto a sandbar. The story ends with Atuma’s men getting ready to board the barge.

“White-Painted Woman”
Writer & Artist: Timothy Truman

A telling of an Apache folklore with illustrations. White-painted woman lives with the Tin-eh-ah or Apache people. They are terrorized by the monster Giant Owl Man. Giant Owl Man likes to raid the people and eat their woman and children. Slayer of Enemies live with White-painted woman. Giant Owl Man likes to torment Slayer of Enemies by putting out his fires or stealing his food.

Well White-painted woman has had enough and asks Usen the giver of life for help. He sends the Gahn who hits her with lightning to get pregnant. She gives birth to Child of Water.

This title is coming along nicely. There is plenty of action and we get introduced to some new characters. Some good and some bad. Interesting news reports tell of a revolt on the Soviet Moonbase. There is a cult of Doodyists and administrator Winters continues her campaign of reuniting America.

The new feature called Tales of the Apache is really a great idea. Truman used this folklore in the first story arch and it is great to learn about this Apache myth. The series is shaping up to be a very interesting read.


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