“A Horse of a Different Color”
Writer & Artist: Mike Grell

Morgan decides he wants to capture a real life Pegasus. He manages to sneak up on it and firmly grab hold. The flying horse has other ideas and flies off with Morgan. Shakira pursues and is ambushed by a centaur. She manages to defeat the centaur who turns out to be a charming fellow named Arvak Thunderhoof. He takes Shakira to where Morgan was taken by the flying horse; a palace on top of a rocky spire. Shakira changes into a cat and climbs the spire. On top she comes upon Morgan who is under the spell of the palace’s sole inhabitant a beautiful green haired girl named Astarte. She is about to give Morgan a goblet of wine. Shakira jumps on Astarte and scratches her eyes. Astarte falls against one of her statues which breaks and has the same wine inside that she was giving Morgan. The spell is broken and Morgan draws the Hellfire sword which reveals that Astarte is really a harpy. Morgan douses her with the wine and she turns to stone. Morgan and Shakira take off on the Pegasus for new adventures.

“For This is the New Origin of Omac!”
Writer & Artist: Jim Starlin

Omac (One Man Army Corp) is accessing a tape telling him what is going on. An alien race from the planet Vision were sent to Earth to save it from itself. A brilliant scientist named Professor Z has predicted that Earth will have a disaster that will destroy all humans. Posing as faceless citizens of the world they form the Global Peace
Agency and go after various criminals and corrupt politicians. They create Omac from a young man named Billy Blank. Omac fights the super villains. One such villain a Dr. Skuba almost succeeds in killing Omac but it defeated.

Well just than seven corporations band together and overthrow the world’s governments and eliminate the Global Peace Agency. Professor Z who doesn’t want to save the Earth escapes his homeworld and makes one more prediction. The corporations will continue to war and mankind will devolve into a sub-intellectual race that will destroy itself. Only a strong leader to unite the planet will avert the prediction. The odds are .002% for Omac to either find this leader or become that leader himself. At the end mercenaries for one of the corporations burst in and Omac surrenders.

DC decided to make changes with all their comics with longer stories and a back-up feature. So that is what’s new with the series. The Warlord story was an enjoyable read with a strong fantasy element. Pegasus, Centaurs, a harpy on top of a rock spire who changes people into statues much like Circe. It ends with Morgan and Shakira now in possession of a flying horse to continue their travels which should prove interesting. I also found it interesting that the roles are reversed and Shakira now has to risk her life to climb up a dangerous place and rescue Morgan. The two are forming a strong friendship.

The new backup is an interesting choice. Omac was a short lived series created by Jack Kirby as sort of a futuristic Captain America. Jim Starling decided to take the character in a different direction so its debut is all exposition. Which is helpful since I am not familiar with the series that came before. Originally I didn’t care for Omac at first. Multiply reading since has given me a new perspective on the character. I can see myself someday checking out the original series. Omac has grown on me over these past thirty years.


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