Writers: Carole Seuling & Steve Gerber
Artist: Ross Andru

Shanna and her leopards start off this issue stopping a runaway rhino. She and Patrick the game warden are in the city because they were invited to dinner by a mysterious host. So Shanna puts on a dress and with Patrick and her leopards in tow head out to a mansion in the countryside. Here they find three other guests to a hooded host. The hooded man wants Shanna and his guests to help him take over three African countries. None of the guests are interested and a fight breaks out. The hooded man is revealed to be a half-man half-mandrill called the Mandrill.

Shanna and her leopards manage to break out and escape the Mandrill and his army of women that have tattooed the Mandrill’s pattern on their faces. She gets to the land rover and makes it to the city. There in her hotel room is the Shield agent Jakuna Singh. He tells Shanna that the Mandrill also has her father captive and wants her to go back and be captured. A transmitter in a bracelet will call in Shield agents to the rescue. So she goes back and gets captured by being shot with a tranq dart. Wakes up on a table with a quack doctor about to tattoo her face with the Mandrill’s pattern.

Well Mandrill learns it’s never good to choose a woman’s cosmetics for her or underestimate her strength. She frees herself and calls in Shield. Mandrill runs away but gets caught by real mandrills. Shanna rescues him but is too late to save her father. The Mandrill’s followers have taken him away.

Wow. This issue really packed a lot of stuff in it. Good stuff. We get a real nasty villain with some grandiose plans. Patrick the game warden who has had some brief appearances so far gets some time. He seems to be the love interest for Shanna in this series. Jakuna Singh is developing into a semi-regular ally and Shield looks to make Shanna a part time agent. She still manages to come across as one bad-ass chick. Doesn’t take crap from anyone. I am really beginning to love this series.


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