KA-ZAR #13


“The Skull of the Lizard-man!”
Writer: Doug Moench
Artist: Larry Hama

Sheesa has resurrected an army of the undead. Ka-zar decides to submit rather than be killed and gets his friends to follow. Sheesa decides to first conquer Tongah’s people. While locked in a cage they manage to have one of their number escape to warn the Fall People. While in the cage we get to learn a little about Zaurai the deposed shaman who is now with Ka-zar. He is a man from the outside world. Tired of his dead-end life he sought out the Savage Land. Using some tricks from the outer world he convinces the Swamp People he is a magician and made the shaman. He falls in love with Sheesa who convinces him to mount a campaign for conquest.

Well Sheesa comes and drafts Ka-zar and his followers into her army. But while marching to the Fall People the army is ambushed by them thanks to the early warning they received. Ka-zar then rallies his people and attacks from within. Sheesa escapes back to the source of her power the lizard skull. After she kills Zaurai she has to flee with the skull to the Arctic wastes outside the Savage Land. A snow worm kills her and the Swamp tribe reunites back into a peaceful people.

I have to admit that Ka-zar’s plan seemed a little convoluted. He originally in the beginning manages to capture Sheesa and threaten her with death. Instead he surrenders and we get the odd plan. Still it was an enjoyable story filled with a fair amount of action. I also felt a little for Zaurai. He sounds like a guy who had my job. Sounds like a great idea to go live in the Savage land. Wish I could.


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