Writer & Artist: Timothy Truman

Scout and his two sons come upon a settlement in this new post-civil war America. Funkytown has grown around an old shopping mall into a thriving outpost of civilization in New Mexico. The place is run by the Union and main power players are the union rep Boss Torville. A Dr. Portugal who is engaged in some dubious medical experiments and Redwire a mysterious figure in a gas mask and red hood. Scout trades some jewelry for supplies but Boss Torville then charges a bunch of bogus taxes and fees. The result is Scout and his sons are put to work. This is apparently a trick that the union rep likes to use with newcomers. Eventually Scout gets into a fight with Redwire who seems to know Scout from the past. This fight takes them into office of Funkytown’s accountant. The fight exposes that this accountant has been stealing. The accountant is hanged while Scout and his boys take off.

The second book in the series starts to introduce what we can expect. Funkytown seems like something out of Beyond Thunderdome. Sort of what America has devolved to in this alternate reality of 2015. Redwire apparently knows Scout and carries a big grudge against him. A major villain that will be in this series with an air of mystery on his real identity.


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