Writer & Artist: Mike Grell

Morgan and Shakira are in the city of Bandakhar looking for horses to buy. Morgan notices a young girl being attacked by a group of men and goes off to rescue her. He easily defeats the strange bald men with bat tattoos. The girl Karella is thankful but doesn’t want any more help and runs off. Morgan decides to follow her. She goes into a gated courtyard in a building. Following her is a half ram-man. Morgan rescues her again but passes out from the wounds he received in the fight. Before passing out he finds out that an evil wizard wants her. When he awakens he goes in search for her and hears a scream. He bursts into a room and finds Karella strung from the ceiling being whipped by none other than Deimos. An insane rage possessed Morgan and he goes to kill Deimos. The Hellfire sword shields him from Deimo’s magic and he successfully manages to literally hack Deimos into pieces. Karella runs away at the savagery that Morgan displayed. A dejected Morgan later finds Shakira and the two resume their journeys.

This was a real powerful story. It comes just after a light hearted romp with a lot of satirical humor in the last issue. This one takes Morgan to a very dark place. It starts out like any other adventure but then he finds Deimos the man responsible for his son’s death. Thanks to the Hellfire sword he is able to take his revenge in a very gruesome manner. Indeed after he unties Karella she runs off saying that Morgan enjoyed it. Morgan’s grim visage softly mumbles “You’re right.” Its obvious that the butchering of Deimos and his enjoyment of the event is disturbing to him. A very powerful story and shows that Grell can do a wide range of stories.


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