“The Mind Demons”
Writer & Artist: Gil Kane

It is the far future when Old Earth died in a nuclear holocaust. Now the world is known as New Earth. New Earth is comprised of warring city states. Mutations roam the blasted landscape and swim in the seas. Technology is shunned by the inhabitants as a form of evil magic. Into this world is born Blackmark. Blackmark is the son of peasants. King Amurix was a man who studied science and was overthrown by his subjects for this blasphemy. He used the old science to transfer his knowledge while Blackmark was still in his mothers womb.

Eventually he grows up and leads a slave revolt using the old king’s knowledge. He now has successfully united the warlords under his rule. There is one warlord a Raynard who still plots against him. Suddenly the mutants from the northern island stronghold of Psi-Keep attack. Blackmark uses old energy lances to beat back the hordes. He finds the beautiful princess Shandra to marry and plans to build a fleet to assault Psi-Keep.

Well Lord Raynard manages to seduce Shandra away from Blackmark. Raynard also has betrayed humanity by going to Psi-Keep to warn them of the impending invasion. He also stabs Shandra and leaves her in a small boat for Blackmark to find. After the fleet is wrecked by sea monsters and a storm the survivors reach Psi-Keep. There a final battle takes place. Blackmark confronts Reynard who not only betrayed him and killed his wife. He is also responsible for killed Blackmark’s mother and father. An epic sword battle takes place with Blackmark victorious and the mutants destroyed.

So this issue we get a full length story about Blackmark. This character was originally released as a series of paperbacks. Later it was serialized in the Savage Sword of Conan comic. I found this character an interesting idea. Combining old fashioned sword & Sorcery with a modern post-apocalypse world.

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