“The Moon of the Fear Bulls!”
Writer: Carole Seuling
Artist: Ross Andru

Shanna is working on getting workers to her jungle home. She wants to build Frank Lloyd Wright’s The Ecological Niche. A native comes asking for her help. A rogue cape buffalo has destroyed their village. So off she goes with her leopard friends Biri and Ina. She falls into a pit but manages to avoid the sharp stakes. It is here she is rescued by a strange tribe of whites. They are attacked by men wearing bull masks. It is later found out that they are from a lost tribe of Minoans who build a city in a lost valley. Now the city is ruled by a deposed African dictator who controls the fear bulls. The mutated cape buffalos that can emit a fear ray from their horns. Shanna manages to overthrow the dictator and free the people of this lost Minoan civilization.

This story has a lot of Edgar Rice Burroughs in it. A lost European civilization that seems to litter the landscape of Africa. The story was fast paced and interesting. I would have liked to learn more about how the dictator became the high priest or how the cape buffalo mutated. Maybe that would have been explored later if the series lasted longer. So we learn that Shanna is loaded. She can pay triple wages for men to come out and build her Frank Lloyd Wright home in the middle of nowhere. Shanna is showing herself to be a very strong and competent woman not to mention really sexy in that leopard-skin furkini.

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